How do I start?

Contact us here to set up your session and get a FREE 1 hour consultation!

What can I expect with each session?

At D-Fit, our goal is create personalized plans and movements that truly maximize your needs. Each session will be tailored to your specific goals and we will make sure each exercise is properly demonstrated and you preform them properly.

What are your rates?

After your first FREE 1 hour consultation, we will discuss our rates and schedule with you.

Can I workout on my own?

We are appointment based only. Please contact us to set up a session. We offer flexible hours Monday-Sunday, and offer personalized instruction for each session.

Do you offer nutrition guidance?

Yes! Our trainers can offer nutritional advice and Alex is a Precision Nutrition Certified coach. Let us help you make the best meal plan to complement all the hard work you put in with us at D-Fit!