Dennis McCarthy | Founder & Owner

My active athletic background in wrestling, football, martial arts, platform and springboard diving fostered a passion for fitness and health.  Physical activity and a balanced beneficial diet became my way of life. 

My goal was and is to educate and train people to achieve their physical fitness and personal goals. I received my first certification right after high school,  and I began a career in personal training and strength training. As I advanced in my respective field, I learned that the big corporate facilities were more focused on the mass and not the individual.  I decided to open D-FIT to focus on the individual in an exclusive setting and personalize each program for the needs of the client whether it involves reconditioning and changing old mindsets or strength training and weight loss. My vision is a reality where we help each individual reach their physical goals and obtain a healthy lifestyle. 

Experience & Certifications:

-Nesta certified 

-31 years of coaching & personal training experience

Alex Seidel | Owner & Strength & Nutrition Coach

As a personal trainer who specializes in weight loss and body transformation, I know how it feels to want change but feel unmotivated and too busy. While I worked part-time and attended college full-time,  I found that exercise not only transformed my body but elevated my energy level and emotional well-being. After I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I earned my certification in personal training. My goal is to help others feel the physical and emotional progress and satisfaction in a private gym atmosphere with a training program personalized for each individual. My focus is on progress, health, and well-being, not perfection.   

Experience & Certifications:

-ISSA Certified 

-Precision Nutrition Certified

-3 years of coaching & personal training experience